Meet some of our cyclists:


Chris on the bike! - article about cycling in Kyrgyzstan: impression and pictures.

James Evans with friend.

"Yeh we had a great time in Kyrgyzstan!"

lyubimova Olga with friend. Russia. Winter. Cycling around Issyk-Kul.
"Cycling around the Issyk-kul in winter gave us a charge for the whole year - beautiful, extremely, interesting, informative !! How many unforgettable meetings!! In the winter we were the only ones and not one in a thousand)))"

Hera van Willick and Remco Schoonbrood. - a lot of wonderful pictures and articles.

Two students from Germany Johannes and Nico!

 ... more pics :)

Gareth Humphries. Cross the Talas range in autumn .

Amazing pictures from Gareth here:

Olivier and Romain, brothers from French. Cycling on the South of Issyk-Kul.

Florina Muntenescu. Cycling around Issyk-Kul Lake.

John, Stephane, Lisa and Clemence. Wonderful cycling on the North of Kyrgyzstan.




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